Private On-line Breathwork session with Meg

What to expect

We will meet on a Zoom call together. I will set a comfortable space for you to share what’s happening in your life. We will talk for one hour. I will then guide you in a trans-formative 50 minute deep breathing technique known as Clarity Breathwork. Detailed instructions will be given to make sure you feel informed and comfortable. The session will not be difficult, but the impact will be profound. We will conclude our time with a time of sharing, integrating the experience together.

Breathwork allows the healing part of your nervous system to activate giving your body a chance to rest and reset. It also stops the mind from racing and allows you to access stored information from your subconscious. You will leave our session feeling refreshed with more clarity of mind.

See video below for more information.

$180 - 2 hours

No experience necessary.

I can help you set up and connect through zoom.


About Meg

Meg Williams is a Clarity Breathwork Facilitator, a Life Transitions Coach and a Pilates Teacher with over 25 years of teaching experience. She uses her skills in retreats and workshops throughout the Caribbean of Costa Rica. Meg prides herself on being a safe guide to take you to a deep meditative state.


 Watch 3 minute Video

A 2 hour Experiential Breathwork Session to:

  • Create a sense of emotional well being in the body

  • Release stored tension

  • Allow your nervous system to reset

  • Help you let go and forgive

If you want to create more self awareness, reduce anxiety and enhance your ability to breathe.

Breathwork with Meg was an amazing experience, she knows how to guide people into their own journey in a gentle and clear way.
— Jenn A