Pot of Gold


Here, before a crowd of cloud witnesses 
I give you this blessing:

Borrow my faith until your own grows 
strong enough to bear your weight.

Borrow my gratitude until you awaken
from your slumbering depression to
hear the song of the wind and sky
with your own ears.

Borrow my appreciation for life even 
if your own delight is dim or non-
existent. Borrow my eyes so you can 
see beauty as I do.

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2nd half of FB Post

A few minutes later she touched my head and I felt a wave of electricity go through me unlike anything I’d ever felt. All I could think about was that she was going to touch Ben, my son next. All I could think about was him- hoping that somehow this touch would help him. It was then that I felt Hannah’s presence. In my minds eye I could see her standing over Ben as he felt this loving powerful touch. I never opened my eyes. I started weeping. I just knew something was happening.

When class was over and we were leaving I asked my son if he felt Hannah. With tears in his eyes he nodded yes.

I love this Danna Faulds poem!

For a time, borrow my thoughts and set
your doubts aside. Borrow light, which of
course isn’t mine, residing as it does in all of us.

What good is energy if I can’t lend mine
when yours is spent? This isn’t weakness
or charity, this isn’t dependence, but
simply sharing an abundance of love. 
here, for the asking, is not just the
pot of gold, but the rainbow.

Borrow it until you can spin your own
gold out of nothing, until violet and 
yellow and all the spectrum’s colors
arrive to keep you company again,
until you hold an artist’s palette 
that clamors to be shared.

Danna Faulds