Introduction to Breathwork Series

Audio Guides


On this page I’ve included the audio guides for all 3 Breathwork exercises.

Use these if you’d like to practice the breathing techniques without instructions but with an audio guide for pace and counting.

Day 1: Energize & Invigorate

breathe through an open mouth

2 minutes of deep breathing followed by holding the breath

breathe deeply into the belly and hold the breath as long as you feel comfortable


Day 2: Relax & Calm

breathe deeply into the belly

breathe through your nose

breathe in slowly to the count of 4, breathe out to the count of 4

you will be guided to breathe in to the count of six and out to the count of 6


Day 3: Reset & Decompress

6 minutes of deep breathing

breathe deeply into the belly through an open mouth



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