Breathwork Session with Meg

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Deep Breathing has many benefits.

It has the ability to:

  • calm anxiety

  • restore the nervous system and

  • lower stress hormones

  • give you a sense of emotional well being and mental clarity

Each session is 2 hours in length.

I guide people through a 50 minute deep breathing session. Each step of the way I make sure participants are informed and comfortable.

The session is not hard or complicated, yet the impact can be powerful.

50 minutes can seem like a long time. However, it’s much like when you set out on a run. After the initial few minutes the body switches to auto pilot and your mind and body relaxes.

What can happen when the mind stops analyzing and judging is fascinating. The body lets go of tension, insights come, and deep restorative work can take place.

To set up a session please contact me at

Happy Breathing,


Private - $90 Couples - $140 Groups - $250