We are the same

Good morning – what are you struggling with today?
I live in another country, in a little open air cabin in the jungle, with lizards in my house (they keep all the mosquitoes away), and the commute to my office is less than sixty seconds but I can almost guarantee you that deep inside we are dealing with the same things. That though we live quite differently we really are much the same. 
What exactly do I think is going on inside of you that is also inside of me?
Here’s a few thoughts; I think you struggle to stay focused on what’s most important to you, I think you want to quit judging others and yourself. I think you want to stop labeling things as bad or good and stop reacting to your circumstances. I think you desire to keep your heart open and trust that life is good, (even when it appears otherwise), that there is a kind and benevolent creator behind everything and the best way to live is to let go of control and follow what’s flowing in your life.
The biggy on this list – the one I feel certain you want more of in your life? Is TRUST. 
The ability to truly believe that YOU ARE where you should be, that your kids are going to be JUST FINE, that you’re doing a good job, that YOU WILL hear your intuition when it speaks to you, that you HAVE ENOUGH courage to follow it when it does.
This is my prayer for today. For ME, and for YOU!