I want to see clearly now

My eyes they are a’changing, it seems, as it has become painfully clear (haha) that my “perfect” vision has been deteriorating over the years. I realize that this is not abnormal and yet the subtle shift has caught me by surprise. And though it has irritated me a bit, its also got me wondering a few things.


I mean, my eyes are the only ones I’ve got and hence the only portal through which I get to see the world in which I live. Things which were once vivid are now muted, fuzzy, lacking the vibrancy and color which inspires. And yet, how would I know if something is amiss? What do I have to compare it to except distant memories?


This reality has become a bit of a nag in my spirit, my intuition whispering that I am missing out, that there is more to see. At 52 I know that it is time to take the condition of my eyes more seriously. What if that flower I just passed would have stopped me in my tracks if I had seen its true brilliance? What if my heart could have been touched more gloriously if I had seen the deeper tenderness emanating from my lover’s eyes? What if the landscape before me is full of such beauty and potential that it escapes even the words to describe, and yet I only see…dull?


I have this tenacious yearning to SEE, to see things clearly, for what they really are. And this has got me thinking, in what other ways can I see the world differently? Can my vision be enhanced? Can I develop the capacity to see life and beauty where before was only the mundane? Is there truly more that I can see if only I am willing to look?


Maybe you feel similar. For example, what if something has happened to change certain viewpoints in your life? What if there are more infinite possibilities/opportunities available to you than you can even comprehend, if only you could see better? What if those you love the most, some of whom seem to cause you the most pain, are precisely who you need to help crack you open to deeper love? What if this life you’ve been given is EXACTLY the one you need and is filled with the right lessons for you, the ones you need to grow and thrive and complete your purpose here, if only you could see this reality? What if everything was as it should be and all you needed was to clear up your vision? 


I don’t profess to have all the answers, but as I stretch and push against the boundaries I have become more acutely aware that there is so much more to see physically, and to see within. I took the plunge and ordered glasses for the first time in my lifeand let me tell you, the view is marvelous! The other view is shaping up to be pretty spectacular, as well. This is one incredible journey and I’m seeing it more clearly every day!

meg williams