Your breath is with you at all times.
You can use it to handle life’s challenges.

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I create online resources and retreats for women like you. You who are looking for tools to help yourself heal. You who are looking for ways to take back control of your life. You who are trying to understand your emotions, your body, your children, your family.

The tools you are looking for are simple to understand and they can have a powerful impact on your life. They have helped me see how to live again. My goal is to share them with you so you can begin to heal yourself.

About Meg

Meg Williams, Founder of Modalities that Heal

Meg Williams, Founder of Modalities that Heal

I raised 4 kids while living the quintessential American life in Atlanta, Georgia. I had everything I thought I wanted but things still weren’t right. Then, I was stopped in my tracks by the death of my oldest daughter, Hannah.

In a desperate attempt to find healing, I placed all that I had ever believed on the shelf and set out to find hope. I found not only a vibrant and exciting new life, but the inspiration to help others in their healing journeys.

I’d love to share with you the tools that have continually helped me find the courage and clarity to create a meaningful life.


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